You will be rewarded for each survey that you successfully complete. The reward that you will receive and the approximate length of the survey will always be displayed in the email inviting you to participate in the survey. Once you have completed the survey your account will be credited, and you will see an entry in the Contact History section of your account. If you have any queries regarding your account balance, or anything else related to rewards simply email our support team at  

You can choose from the following redemption options by logging into your account and clicking the "Reward Options" button:

Flexi eGift Cards are a fast and convenient way to redeem and spend.

  • No app to install
  • No smartphone needed
  • No signup necessary
How to use your Flexi eGift card

Your Flexi eGift Card will be emailed to you.
Click the link in the email to open your Flexi eGift Card.

Then convert your Flexi eGift Card into any combination of gift cards or

vouchers up to the total available balance.

How you redeem your chosen gift card depends on the card or voucher chosen.


Phone or Tablet

Ensure your phone or tablet has internet access, then open your Flexi eGift Card web page.

Click on your eGift Card.

Then simply show the screen with eGift Card code or barcode to the cashier.


Open eGift Card, then click Print and print out your eGift Card.

Take the printed eGift Card to the store and show to the cashier.

Gift cards/vouchers accepted in-store

Online Shopping & Ordering

Copy and paste the gift card/voucher codes into
the checkout page when shopping or ordering online.

Gift cards/vouchers accepted online

Other Methods

Some other gift cards and vouchers have special instructions for how to redeem.

Carefully follow the instructions shown.

Each gift card brand and denomination is subject to demand and availability.

Therefore each brand and denomination of gift card may not be available at all times.

Prepaid EFTPOS Reward Cards

EFTPOS YourOpinion offers EFTPOS Rewards Cards at $20, $50 and $100.

A $3 processing and shipping fee is attached to each redeemed card. The fee is reflected in the required points on the "Reward Options" page.
  • The EFTPOS Rewards Card is valid for 12 months anywhere EFTPOS prepaid cards are accepted
  • There are no hidden transaction charges
  • The amount on the card is what you have to spend
  • Use it yourself or give it as a gift - anyone can use this card
  • Please allow 10-30 business days for your card to arrive
PLEASE NOTE: The EFTPOS Rewards Card is delivered directly to the address specified in your YourOpinion profile. Please check that your mailing information is up-to-date before redemption

When you have received your card, you can check your EFTPOS Prepaid Card account balance by visiting Check Your Balance" and then key in the required card information.

Check your EFTPOS Prepaid Card account balance by visiting and selecting  "Check Your Balance" and then key in the required card information.

Click here for EFTPOS Prepaid Card FAQs. Have a technical question that is not answered in the FAQ? Please call 1300 55 33 80.

Any general question around the EFTPOS Prepaid Card should be sent to

$20 Charity Donation

Cancer Council Australia
Starlight Children's Foundation Australia
Australian Red Cross

$20 cash direct to your PayPal account

PayPal YourOpinion have partnered with PayPal to allow you to transfer your rewards directly to your PayPal account.