The YourOpinion Quarterly Prize Draw gives you a chance to win $1,000 and other prizes
How do you enter?   Simply by participating in our quick polls, surveys and forums!

Prize Draw Dates:  January 14th, April 14th, July 14th and October 14th

Check out our some of our members who have already won big (and small) prizes...

Grand Prize Draw Winners Forum Prize Winners
EmiliaNSW$1000Congratulations Emilia from Auburn!!14/04/2017
Jennifer SuttonSA$1000I was surprised and delighted when I received your email to say I had won $1,000. I have never won anything this big in my life! Thank you so much - it is great to receive this reward for doing something I really love! ~ Jennifer from Tailem Bend, SA.14/01/2017
LochlanQLD$1000Congratulations Lochlan from Carrara!14/10/2016
GailQLD$1000Congratulations Gail from Condon!14/07/2016
Rosemary BruzzeseNSW$1000This has come at the perfect time! Thanks YourOpinion!!14/04/2016
Andrew VadasNSW$1000I have been a member of YourOpinion for just over a year. I have found them to be one of the best paying survey sites around, with interesting topics which are well paid. Furthermore, I receive prompt payment to my PayPal account. And now, having won a prize draw, I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!14/01/2016
Kathy PaceNSW$1000Thanks for the exciting news that I won the $1000 prize! 14/07/2015
Stephen Baxter NSW$1000Congratulations to our April winner, Stephen! 14/04/2015
Raju KhadkaNSW$1000Congratulations to Raju, our January winner!14/01/2015
Debbie EdwardsQLD$1000I was so shocked to get the email saying that I had won the $1000 I thought it may have been a scam. Thank you so much the money came at a good time as I needed 4 new tyres on my car. Who would have thought I could have won this just by doing surveys which I enjoy :-) 14/10/2014
Deanna JohnsonNSW$1000We're waiting to hear from our July winner14/07/2014
Jacinda GleesonVIC$1000Just as the dishwasher died, couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you Your Opinion, it is just so exciting!14/04/2014
UnclaimedNSW$1000Unfortunately our January redraw winner didn't claim their prize!14/01/2014
Wayne FitzpatrickQLD$1000Congratulations Wayne for winning out October Prize Draw! Keep posted to hear how Wayne reacted when he found out!16/10/2013
UnclaimedNSW$1000Unfortunately our April redraw winner didn't claim their prize!16/10/2013
Joan EarlWA$1000So grateful for my win,as we are planning a holiday before end of year, and this win of $1000 will be a big bonus for us! thank you again.. i enjoy doing your surveys thanks !16/04/2013
Nicole HamblingVIC$1000Wow! Thank you so much Your Opinion. I never thought my love of filling in forms would enable me to give my family a holiday they will hopefully never forget. Thank you once again.16/01/2013
Terry FaganNSW$1000Terry is the winner of our October redraw. 'Thank you so much and what a great surprise.'14/10/2012
UnclaimedQLD$1000Our original July draw and the October redraw went unclaimed! 14/10/2012
Caroline KohlmanVIC$1,000Caroline's winning entry was for voting on our Food & Drink poll on the 25th March 2012. "Wow, thanks so much, I'm thrilled about winning, couldn't have come at a better time."14/04/2012
Lita ShawNSW$1,000I can’t believe I have won. It’s unbelievable. 14/01/2012
Norelle IrvinVictoria$1,000I am so excited to win $1000. I Know everyone says it, but I have never won anything in my life! I cannot wait to share my good fortune with family and friends over Christmas. Thank you so much14/10/2011
John AngelQueensland$1,000John didn't leave a comment, but he sure looks happy to have won!!14/07/2011
Noeleen RidgwayVictoria$1,000Thanks so much. I have spent the past few days trying to decide whether to splurge on something for myself or replace the guttering on the house which badly needs it!14/04/2011
Kassie TimmsVictoria$1,000I was thrilled to see I had won $1,000. I enjoy doing surveys and the win was the icing on the cake!14/01/2011
Chantel HolderWestern Australia$1,000Thank you so much for my prize money - I plan on putting it towards my holiday at the end of the year!!14/10/2010
Matt RoyNew South Wales$1,000After emailing, calling and texting Matt, we eventually tracked him down after 4 weeks much to his surprise and delight!!14/07/2010
Patricia RiversVictoria$1,000Thank you so much for the $1,000. I was over the moon to receive your email. Thank you once again, it is just wonderful14/04/2010
Anji WirtitschACT$1,000I can't believe I have won $1,000. What an awesome surprise. I have just got back from volunteering in Nepal and the money could not have come at a better time. It will go towards paying for some of the outstanding accounts. Thanks heaps!14/01/2010
Colin ElliotVictoria$1,000Thank you very much for a pleasant surprise14/10/2009
Katrina SambelQueensland$1,000I can't believe I won $1,000!! Thank you soooo much to the YourOpinion team!14/07/2009
Farrah ClinchQueensland$2,500Oh my gosh!! This is unbelievable! The money could not have come at a better time... thank you...thank you...thank you. I just can't believe it - I never win anything! I love YourOpinions - you're the best!!14/04/2009